Up On The Interstate

Yes sometimes I just want to be in the thick of things.  So right now I am sitting in the middle of the understated highway that runs by my house. I’m on the ramp that


rises between two overpasses. One goes East and one goes West. Quite a bit of traffic today. Sure would like to increase my web traffic to this effect. I’m beginning to understand that it takes time to build traffic, if only I could come up with a way to attract THIS kind of traffic. Seems that if I can help

people get to where they want to go would work. So my question today is where do people want to go? What are their motives? How could I get on both sides on to Interstate? Purhaps creating my own Interstate? Buyers / Sellers, or maybe Information / Interested. Maybe even my own brand of Interstate. I must really think of possibilities here. How about a forum for ideas…um.  Oh well just some rambling thoughts. Thanks for reading, if you’re still here make a comment I could use the stimulation. Till later,Phil